Sunday, April 29, 2012

Engagement celebrations

Mandy and Liam's engagement party in Sydney

We have had a very busy few days spending this weekend in Sydney celebrating our daughter's engagement. 
On Thursday I joined the speedygeese at Parliament House. There were only seven of us plus our speedycoach, the smallest number for some time. Winter must be coming! We ran our warm up loop of PH and then we ran a very tough session of 20 x 100m uphill on 90 seconds at one of the more difficult east side hills. As always I found the second 10 much easier than the first 10 - I must have still been warming up! However, the cool down after the main session was really hard as my legs didn't want to keep moving!
Total distance: 8km

I decided to go for a very short run with Teddy before we left Canberra to drive to Sydney for two nights to meet the 'other parents' for dinner that evening. They are lovely.
Total distance: 5km
I took Teddy to stay with Miranda and her Andy for the weekend and he had a great time playing with Blondie (their dog) and going for long walks with them. I think he wore Blondie out though!
Teddy and Blondie exhausted after their walk!

It was a stunning day in Sydney and ideal weather for a run before breakfast. I followed Mr B from our younger daughter's apartment in Woolloomooloo down to the wharf, through the botanical gardens and round the Opera House. It really was a beautiful run. We even ran through the setting up of the corporate triathlon which was held today.
Total distance: 8km
In the evening it was party time with lots of very beautiful young people!
After a delayed start this morning when the car wouldn't start and we had to wait two hours for the NRMA, we drove home collecting a happy Teddy on the way and here we stay for less than two days before heading off to Busselton in Western Australia where Mr B will be competing in the Half Ironman. It's all happening here!


  1. Impressed you've kept your running ticking over in spite of your jet-set lifestyle. Busselton should be more relaxing - some easy jogs with CJ and cheering from the coffee shop.

  2. Take it easy on Mrs Muscles in her damaged condition. Probably still a little tender & sore, but she won't give the streak away just for taking a spill.