Sunday, April 08, 2012

Chocolate Overload!

Happy Easter to you all. I started the day well with a lovely run with Teddy. He was pulling and stopping for the first few kms but after that he got into his rhythm and we ran much better together. We turned at the 4km mark and ran back via two ovals. At each one I let him off the lead so he could run across the grass with me with the odd detour for him to roll in the grass! At the Kaleen oval I let him off the lead again as I ran round the oval a few times to make my distance up to 8km before finding a marked 100m on the soccer track for my strides. The best part was that I called Teddy over, made him sit, said "go" and we raced 100m, jogging back to the start and repeating this 6 times. He was a great racing companion. He started at "go" and ran as fast as he could in a straight line beside me - awesome fun! He outran me most times but it made me try hard which was the object of the exercise!
We then jogged home with him back on his lead and trotting happily by my side panting hard.
Total distance: 10.2km
Calories burned: 550
Total distance for second week of taper: 64km
This wasn't nearly as many calories as I consumed later in the day as I ate chocolate eggs and bunnies - far too many so that I ended up feeling quite sick - entirely self inflicted. Later in the day my little local family came over for dinner. It was so lovely to spend time with the grandchildren and their mum and dad but I now have still more chocolate waiting to be consumed. Maybe I can hold off until after the marathon or I won't be able to waddle to the start line!


  1. Chocolate is also my weakness. I ate eggs and gianduiotti (I am sure you know them).
    Have a good Easter.

  2. Even our hotel had a giant glass full of chocky Easter eggs, free for customers, we could not resist being tempted.

  3. I have half an egg left - but it's a big one! You've trained Teddy well. Now you just need to teach him to hold a stopwatch for your interval sessions ;-)

  4. Good one Ewen, holding the stopwatch !!