Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Five More Sleeps!

This morning was FREEZING - 1deg overnight but it had reached nearly 8deg when we ran from Black Mountain Peninsula at 9.15am. I wore my spray jacket as a wind break as the wind chill factor was bitter but I warmed up eventually although it took a while for my hands to thaw out! I still wore singlet and shorts under the spray jacket and ran with it unzipped but didn't take it right off. 
This morning's run was to Haig Park and back. I ran with Marilyn and Alan and there was plenty of conversation on the way. However my schedule was to run only 40mins so at 42mins when I knew my whereabouts I walked while the others ran. However I couldn't resist running just another 500m on the way to round up the kms and relieve the frustration a little!
Total distance run: 7km
Distance walking: 2km (plus another 4km with Teddy later)
No birthdays today but still plenty of lovely morning tea. I confined myself to two tiny sandwiches and some grapes! There were a number of people running the half on Sunday but just Carol and me running the marathon. Yes, just five more sleeps!
Meanwhile Mr B has made a trip to Bunnings and is building a DIY wardrobe with shelves and towers and I so far filled 6 garbage bags of clothes etc for St Vinnies. There's still loads more to go through yet!


  1. Conversation on the running way ... that means you are in goo running shape ... as you know, we, runners, can speak a lot along the running path only when we are in good running shape.
    Happy running!

  2. So if your schedule says 5k tomorrow are you going to walk the last k of the BBQ stakes? ;-) Only 3 days 10 hours to go!

  3. Dearest Ruthie, I hope you have a fabulous marathon run! It would be great to see you cross that line just before speedygeoff finishes the 50K. You go girl, you are such an inspiration! I still can't believe this is Canberra marathon no. 11!!!!

  4. Only 1 day and 21 hours to go. And remember, please hang around when you finish, as I will be looking for you when I finish so that I can congratulate you.

  5. Hi Strewth. I tried to comment using my iPhone (I was away for the weekend) with no success. I wanted to wish you well for today's race. All over now. I hope you'll blog how it all went.

  6. Waiting on the report Strewth, what happened ? Just for those that weren't able to be there.

  7. 4:29:51!!!!! 5^ a.g.
    Brava, well done!!!!