Saturday, June 07, 2008

Avoiding the Puddles!

Actually, I didn't avoid the puddles at all as I ran with Ewen on Wednesday, both with headlamps which reflected in the lake on our return trip. Blindly I followed Ewen trying to avoid running into the lake and instead splashed right into the muddy puddles, not once but twice and the second time ankle deep. Talk about the Pied Piper of Tuggeranong! We started our run by heading towards and round the museum then we ran to Molonglo Reach and over the bridge and as we had both remembered our headlamps, safely (!) ran in the dark back to the ferry terminal, over the bridge and along London Circuit to the start. The run was slightly longer than my scheduled time but it was comfortable (apart from the sloshy shoes) and although we ran against a head wind for a short time mostly we ran in mild conditions. We'll go that way again and there probably won't be puddles to avoid as we had a rare rainfall the previous day.
Total distance: 18km
Time taken: 1:49:19
Average pace per km: 6.04
Calories burned: 1066

Thursday Run
I wasn't able to go to training at Dickson after work as today was my grandson's 2nd birthday and we had celebrations to attend. Instead I flexed off early (again) and squeezed in a tempo run from home along the cycle track towards Giralang, through the tunnel on the way to Gungahlin and home again.
Total distance: 8.01km
Time taken: 44:30
Average pace per km: 5:33
Fastest km: 5:18
Calories burned: 466

Myattempt at a Racing Car cake (at least Sam recognised it as being a car!)

Friday RPM
The dreaded Sylvia returned as our replacement instructor this morning. Although it was so hard I nearly passed out from dripping exhaustion, at least I knew it was a good workout and I felt ready to face Friday knowing I had started well!
This was the night of 'Sex and The City' at the movies with my daughter and daughter-in-law. Although I had bought tickets a couple of weeks ago we queued for an hour with a glass of champagne and an icecream (how healthy is that) waiting for good seats. It was worth the wait - a fantastic night - woo hoo!


  1. Sounds awful - queuing for an hour in your Jimmy Choos!

    If you followed me, how come I missed all the puddles?!

    Great cake. It's a racing car - hope there's a couple of wheels left for Monday :)

  2. There are no puddles where I go because the water runs off the HILLS.

    Calories consumed as well as calories burned if you eat cake, icecream and drink champagne.

    See you Monday.