Monday, June 23, 2008

I Forgot Today's Run!!

Oh dear, I thought I had updated my blog then realised I had forgotten to write about tonight's run from Parliament House. I ran the warm-up loops with the group and then Ewen, Caroline and I decided to run gently elsewhere as the main set was 20 hill repeats - not a wise move so close to the GC and speedygeoff agreed that it would be better just to run in this instance, especially as my knees were worrying me tonight. Thus we chatted and ran for a gentle 10km run - very cool evening (only 8deg) but we warmed up enough to find it quite pleasant.
Total distance: 10km
Calories burned: 592
Time taken: Just over an hour!

This morning I did an RPM class at the gym just to get my legs going to start the day bright and early!

I note that Ewen has tagged me in his blog. I will try to respond appropriately!
How would you describe your running ten years ago?
I only started running 12 years ago and ten years ago in 1998 I note from my training diary that every entry is described as a "jog" including the Weston Creek Half Marathon which took me 2hrs 8mins and the Terry Fox run which took me 58.42mins on a cold very very wet day. I was running 3 or 4 times a week for a total of between 30-35km and swimming and cycling a couple of times a week. I always ran the monthly jog-along and also ran with our border collie, Rascal who died a few years ago. I used to run longish runs in the weekends with CJ.
What is your best and worst run/race experience?
I think my best experience was in 2003 when I broke the 4hours in the Canberra Marathon (3hrs 58mins). It was such a fantastic experience to actually do this. That same year I also did a PB in the Weston Creek Half marathon five weeks before the marathon so it was a good indication that I had a chance of doing well in the marathon.
One of the worst experiences would be tripping in November last year out past Molonglo and tearing my hamstring. The pain was incredible and it took so long to get back and the frustration of missing out on the Canberra Marathon this year was huge!
Why do you Run?
I run to keep healthy, fit and for the fun and friendship. I also run so that I can eat well and live the good life. I have discovered parts of Canberra I would never otherwise have known existed and have seen wonderful sights and sounds of nature and hidden wonderlands. I run because I love the feeling it gives me and the way it makes me feel afterwards.
What is the best or worst piece of advice you've been given about running?
My doctor doesn't think women or cows should run. I have since changed my doctor! My sister thinks I should hang up my running shoes before I damage myself permanently. Fortunately she lives in NZ! I have had conflicting advice on how to run but I think the best advice I have had which works for me is to cross-train. This helps prevent injury and keeps me motivated. It is also a great fall-back to have an alternative if indeed I am unlucky enough to be injured and unable to run for a time. Triathlon training ie swimming and cycling and indeed gym work really does help the enjoyment of running. I also agree with those who tell me that off-road running is much easier on the body than always pounding the pavements.
Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know!
I'm a kiwi? Nah, you all know that although I am actually a naturalised Australian and have lived here since 1981. In my early 20's I was a table tennis champion but I doubt if I could hit a table tennis ball now! And I have absolutely NO sense of direction.
I'm supposed to tag five friends and I will tag our speedycoach, luckylegs, twofruits, jenruns and tesso!


  1. Yikes, I've been tagged ok. Will have to think about it.

  2. Wow, table tennis champ - I'm impressed!

    Hmmm, tagged. Being a procrastinating indecisive Libran this may take some time.

  3. Your old doctor is daft - I've seen cows running - they love it!

    So when you say "we're only doing sux minutes per kilometre", you mean we're running too slow, it sucks, and you have no idea where the finish is?

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  5. I have deleted my previous comment and obligingly answered your questions. And I am looking forward to reading what the other four say!!!! Come on guys!