Thursday, June 19, 2008

Easing back into Tapering!!

Tonight I went to Dickson to meet with the speedygeese but instead of running the sprints Jen, who was here from Sydney for the weekend, and I decided to go out for a gentle run. My knee and hamstring were playing up and I didn't want to risk the speed work making it worse. Thus, after the warm-up we left the group and ran across the oval and along the reasonably lit cycle tracks to Downer, along Philip Avenue and back to Antill Street and the oval, not realising we had gone quite so far! When we arrived back at the oval Mr B and speedygeoff were waiting for us and everyone else had long gone - oops - we hadn't realised we had taken quite so long. Jen is a good talker and we lost track of time. Tonight both my foot and hamstring are sore and tight. I think I must be running differently due to my stiff knee and it's affecting other joints - most annoying.
Total distance: 8.7km
Calories burned: 520

Wombat Wednesday
This was my first run since Saturday and I was a little nervous. Ewen and I ran at a gentle pace and although I did feel a bit stiff and sore I was pleased to last the distance. Afterwards I felt a bit unwell but that may have hunger pains. We ran to the bridge past Molonglo Reach and over it then turned and ran back. There has been lots of work done clearing dead trees and shrubs and weeds by the side of that end of the lake and it's opened it all up giving a great view back towards Parliament House. It's so much nicer round there. We think they should build a beach and bring in lots of sand! The carillon, library and museum were all lit up in blue tonight and the reflections in the perfectly still lake were awesome. Canberra is a really really pretty place to run. We also spotted our apricot bunny all grown up - soooo cute.
Total distance: 15.2km
Time taken: 1:35:55
Average pace per km: 6:20
Calories burned: 902


  1. "Jen is a good talker and we lost track of time"! Say no more, all is explained.

  2. Aha - the real reason why you didn't do 1k sprints - they're not ideal for listening to talking.

  3. Sorry to hear about your tumble! Very annoying; it must be in the air as mr lulu sprained his ankle this week too!

    Hope it all settles in time for the GC. See you there!

  4. that first para sounds like two teens going out and coming in much later than curfew AND forgetting to call home to say you're okay. poor pappa spody.