Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ten Days Before the Gold Coast!

This morning I met up with CJ and Mr B for a yummy brekkie before a day full of meetings! Then off to Dickson Oval with Rachelle after work to speedygeoff's training group. However, after the warm-up loops, Rachelle and I ran several laps of the large oval at a reasonable pace while the others ran their 1km sprints. I didn't want to risk the sprints as my knee is still a bit sore and Rachelle is also taking care of an injury. I want to make sure everything is ok for next weekend. How scary that I can say "next weekend" - aaaaah - so soon!
Total Distance: 8km
Calories burned: 485
The wind was bitterly cold tonight and we wore leggings and long sleeved tops for the first 4km although the long sleeved tops did come off in the second half so we ran fast enough to feel hot.

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  1. It can't come soon enough. I need a bit of Qld's winter warmth - not all of us are lucky enough (like some) to run in the middle of the day.