Monday, June 02, 2008

Winter in Canberra - mild and pleasant

The cycle yesterday with Rachelle and Dave was good fun. We rode 23km gently and it was a good stretch for the legs. This morning I was back on the bike at the gym doing an RPM session, this time with our usual instructor who works us hard.
After work off to speedygeoff's training group at PH. After a couple of warm up loops the main session was 8 fast laps of the rectangular grassy bank in front of PH. We started at one corner of the rectangle and ran as fast as we could down the long edge, across the short edge, up the next long edge and across the short edge to the start, then a gentle jog to the next corner to start again on the whistle. Each time the whistle blew we started from a different corner. It was challenging but fun and certainly a good work-out.
Total distance: 9.3km
Calories burned: 542
Total distance for week ending Sunday 1 June: 73.79km


  1. I vaguely recall seeing the same description of that training session somewhere else.

    I was thinking the same thing - nothing really cold yet!

  2. If you can't make Sat morning, what about Monday morning, P/Hol? Sunday is out, wedding anniv. plus we have James for the weekend.
    Monday 8:00am same place!

  3. Monday morning at Molonglo Reach at 8:00 am. May even see Ewen there, what about CJ? Will also probably have another Thompson as well, Micheal lives in the same street as Ewen. Blogs as softshoeshuffle