Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pitter Patter Raindrops - Just a Few!! But I'm still wet through!

RPM this morning with our usual nice (but not gentle) instructor followed by the 15mins abs class where we were taught a new method of torture to make us taut and terrific!
Then after work met up with Ewen for our mid-week run. Since Monday the tops of my legs have been quite stiff and sore especially when walking down the 48 steps from my office. Going up them is no problem, it's the coming down which has hurt every step of the way. Today they were still sore although RPM wasn't too bad and I'm sure the run with Ewen probably stretched them out and by tomorrow they should feel normal again - that's my theory and I'm sticking to it!
We ran towards the museum to start our run, well-equipped with our headlamps and leggings (or long pants in the case of Ewen) then round the museum and beside Lake BG past Molonglo Reach and across the bridge before returning to the ferry terminal and over the bridge back to my office. I managed to step knee deep in a puddle (AGAIN) after carefully avoiding most of them - obviously Ewen's constant cry of "watch out for puddles" had the opposite effect! We also had problems with the wind tonight - the head wind followed us all the way out to Molonglo but when we turned expecting a tail wind the wind changed and we had a head wind on the return journey too. It was also a cold wind as the temperature dropped considerably well into our run. Obviously the combination of lack of light, a head wind and the drizzly rain that started on our return lap slowed us down considerably but it was still an enjoyable run even though by the time we stopped we were both pretty wet! Never mind, our Wed run is always a great opportunity to catch up on the goss!
Total distance: 18km
Time taken: 1:50
Average pace per km: 6:08
Calories burned: 1100

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  1. Catching up on the goss that way is cheaper than visiting the hairdressers ;)

    I think you went through the knee-deep puddle because you turned to admonish me for constantly warning you about the puddles.