Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coldplay in Milan!

Another early morning start yesterday for strength training at the gym and this morning for RPM followed by the abs class. After work I ran with Ewen who parked his car at Parliament House and ran to my office where we ran for an hour (I'm tapering) before he ran back to PH (20mins) to collect his car. This way he fitted in his training run and I ran my scheduled taper run. I just couldn't believe the number of bunnies we saw tonight. There was a group of about ten of them together and we also spotted out favourite apricot one and a couple of other ginger coloured ones. If all these bunnies produce more bunnies running towards Molonglo in springtime will be very interesting indeed.
Total distance: 10.7km
Time taken: 1:06
Average pace per km: 6:13
Calories burned: 635
Tonight was cold enough not to remove my long sleeved top or leggings. The wind was bitter and I even wore ear warmers. Ewen wore gloves and I think that was a good plan!
My big news of the moment is that we have purchased tickets to a Coldplay concert in Milan two days after Mr B competes in the world championship duathlon in Rimini. How awesome! It will be such an exciting trip!


  1. Wow! Now THAT is cool :-)

    When are you heading off?

  2. WooHoo! Spody will be jealous!

    If there are too many apricot bunnies come Spring, we could catch a few and make you a fur coat for next winter.