Saturday, February 21, 2009

Decision time!

Here it is Sat night and I haven't blogged since Monday. It's been quite a week - dreadful work-wise and big decisions made. My notice is in and I retire on Friday 20 March - woo hoo - so now it's countdown time! Already I feel better having made that decision!
Tuesday - Summer Series
Cross country race at North Curtin. This started with a 2km hill which seemed to go on forever and speedygeoff ran with me encouraging me to go faster. I enjoyed the run but it was tough trying to run fast after the training session the night before. I kept Caroline in sight and managed to finish just 6secs behind her. Speedygeoff let me run in just before him and as it turned out that wasn't necessarily a good thing as the number called for the barrel draw was our speedy leader. Being a gentleman gains its rewards!
Total distance for race: 5km
Time taken: 27:44
Average pace per km: 5:32
Warm-up: 1km
Total distance for day: 6km

After an 11 hour day at work and no Ewen to run with I ran from home starting much later than I had intended. I felt tired and cranky and it was good to run. However I only managed to fit in 10km which again was shorter than my original intention.
Total distance: 10km
Time taken: 59mins
Average pace per km: 5:54
Calories burned: 586

Thursday - Track
Tonight I arrived just in time for the 5 lap spiral and decided to run it as I always find it fun.
Total distance: 2.08km
Time taken: 10:29
Average pace per km: 5:08

Next Marg and I went for a gentle jog to keep the legs moving until the 3km event later in the evening. We ran 3km out of the AIS and met Ewen going out as we returned. He did however arrive back in time for the race and unbeknownst to me kept me in his sights. This was a handicap event according to age and he started well behind me. Just as I was coming to the finish line I heard these pounding feet coming up behind me. I put on a mad sprint but the long-legged wily wombat just pipped me at the post! I will plot my revenge!
Total distance: 3km
Time taken: 15:28
Average pace per km: 5:10

I never seem to manage that elusive under 15mins for 3km.

Total distance for day: 8km
And now it's late and I have the Masters' Handicap in the morning so I'll write about my eventful Saturday run tomorrow - goodnight!


  1. Wow, that's exciting news about your work. So by the time I see you in April you will be a lady of leisure ... can't imagine it! Looking forward to hearing your post work plans, no doubt you have a million of them.

    Good running there BTW.

  2. Great! Now you'll be able to make it to training on time.

    That was a fun race - though I wish you didn't make me run so fast!

    Hope the handicap went well. My lower back isn't happy so I'm doing a gentle run from home.

  3. Wow! that is great news Strewth. Not long now and you'll be a lady of leisure. A lifestyle I can highly recommend :-) Me, on the other hand, has to start thinking about going back to work :-(

  4. Retirement? The best days of your life are ahead of you, Strewth! Enjoy every one...they pass too quickly.