Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friends make running fun!

Today it was another early start to be at the War Memorial to meet the others by 6am. It was still dark and I ran with some trepidation watching the ground all the time determined not to trip! Since yesterday I have been suffering from a sore dry throat and as a consequence felt very dehydrated and appreciated all the fluid I took with me. I ran with Cathy M, Graeme, Nad & Brett for the first 11km then left them at the steps to climb Mt Majura as usual. I felt a bit more sluggish today, could be related to my cold but plodded on alone and met up with Ewen back near the start. From here we headed to Campbell Park, Duntroon, Molonglo Reach and through the wetlands and round the lake heading back to the War Memorial - a 17km loop. It was great to have company and this meant I only had to run alone for about 8km. In the first part of the run over the Mt Ainslie trails there were large numbers of curious kangaroos and a few frisky bunnies. I was really tired and slow but achieved the required distance so that's good.
After the run we met up with the others at the picnic area for a little while then when everyone dispersed Ewen and I enjoyed beautiful coffee and cake at the Outpost Cafe.
Now I'll take my time recovering before going on a train ride with Mr B's squash group this evening to a French restaurant - should be lots of fun.
Total distance: 34.4km
Time taken: 3hrs 45mins approx
Average pace per km: 6:50
Calories burned: 2000

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  1. Have a fun this afternoon shopping for a suitable outfit!

    It was the "10 bridges" run:
    1 - little plank
    2 - Duntroon
    3 - over Molonglo
    4 & 5 - Wetlands
    6 & 7 - Kingston foreshore
    8 - little arch
    9 - Commonwealth
    10 - Comm Park