Sunday, February 22, 2009

Strewth - I did a CJ!

Saturday's run at Mt Ainslie started at 6am and suddenly 6am is still quite dark. Our little group started off and I chatted happily with Cathy M as we enjoyed the trails in the semi darkness. About 1.5km into the run I tripped on a tiny hidden rock and couldn't stop myself from falling flat on my front, arms splayed, flying dramatically to the dirty ground. I lay there quite stunned but eventually managed to stand with help with water poured from Chris and Graeme's bottles. They led me to sit on a branch of a tree as the world was defnitely going round - just shock I guess although I was in some pain! Roy in the meantime ran back to fetch his car and drive it closer but by the time he arrived I was feeling much better and ready to continue running. Roy rejoined us and we continued on the trails.
I know I looked quite a sight covered in dust and dirt and blood and scratches. My knee was stiff and sore but after Roy returned to his car at 17km I continued on slowly and found a great trail on the other side of the road. Next week I will run further along it. This week I was on a time frame as I needed to take Mr B to the airport for a triathlon in Brisbane. However I did manage to fit in 30km and all of it off-road which was fantastic. On the way back towards Roy's car after our turnaround point we came across CJ, twofruits and softshoeshuffle all looking extremely fit and healthy as they are nearly at the tapering stage for 6' track. Twofruits did point out that I might need a shower before taking Mr B to the airport!
At the picnic ground after the run I caught up with Cathy M, the two Graemes and all the 6' track group briefly before heading off for that shower! My knee felt a bit stiff and I have a big bruise in a spot where the sun doesn't shine but the only bad after effect is a very stiff neck - wierd - where did that come from?
Total distance: 30km
Average pace per km: 7mins (blame the stiff knee)
Today - Masters' Handicap at North Curtin
This morning I collected CJ and we drove out to the monthly handicap at Curtin. It was different to the Cross Country run on Tuesday although part of the off-road hill was the same route. There was quite a lot of the run on cycle track and I have to admit I definitely prefer the trails. The concrete is so hard on the feet (can't believe I said that). There were plenty of hills at the start but the second half of the run was almost boring even if it was much faster being both flat and downhill. However, I did pass a few people but was pipped at the post by speedy CJ who sprinted past me just before the finish and no way could these dead little legs catch her. I did enjoy the run and I do love seeing people I haven't seen for ages at these events. Later CJ and I enjoyed the most beautiful and welcome coffee at Black Pepper and a little piece of yummy loaf to go with it.
Starting group: 21
Distance of run: 6km
Warm-up: 1.5km
Time taken for run: 34:05
Average pace per km: 5:27
Finish place: 30th
Total distance for day: 7.5km
Total distance for week: 76km


  1. Crikey....everyone is doing a CJ around me - I'm getting worried!!! You had a great run on Sunday after Saturday's effort. And I enjoyed the coffees we had both day - it was definitely something to look forward to!!

  2. It's not a real CJ unless there are photos!

  3. Yay, and I'm a copy cat! But I did it 1.5k towards the end. Then again, it wasn't dark so I don't get that excuse. :(