Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Easy Week Scheduled

My training program includes 3 weeks hard with the 4th week easing back. This week is my scheduled easy week and my distance drops back The focus of the past 3 weeks has been Endurance and Strength. My Monday started the usual way.
6.15am - RPM
5.30pm - speedygeese at Parliament House (I didn't make it to the early session tonight)
After the warm up loops we did four lots of four by twenty second sprints with a twenty second jog recovery between each sprint; then we were taken to a short steep hill to sprint to the top as fast as possible. There were 10 of us and 5 of us were eliminated after the first hill as we were the slowest. After that one person (the last one each time) was eliminated each time until we had a winner - Tim - good fun! Then it was a cool down loop back to the start.
Total distance: 7km
Tuesday - Summer Series Begins
This morning I actually went for a swim - I haven't swum at the pool for about 12 months and I only managed 600m before I emerged from the pool and sat in a soothing wonderful spa for 15mins. However I will return to swimming as it felt really good.
Tonight was the first of the ACT Cross Country Summer Series races. It was held at Stromlo Forest Park and although it had reached 31deg earlier in the day by the time of the run it had clouded over and was considerably cooler. There was a bit of a breeze but the conditions were pretty good and so much better than the extremely hot weather we have been experiencing lately. It was lovely to catch up with friends there although there were a number obvious by their absence.
Total distance for race: 5km (5.22km according to garmin)
Time taken: 27:11
Average pace per km: 5:13
Warm down: 1km making total distance 6km


  1. Nice when an 'easy' week is scheduled, Ruth!

    Same here for the hot weather...all I want to do after a run is lie down & sleep! See you on the Marathon weekend I hope.

  2. With Canberra now being in a hot climate, next year I'm scheduling an easy summer!

  3. i think i'd be the one eliminated in the first five every time. can't you tackle to at least give some people a chance? oh, and to put more tension in? once only 3 are left, you can stop the tackling. i think you'd be into that, you know. i don't fall for the innocent in pink thing you and cj are doing.