Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sprint Marathon Relay

It was another early start this morning as we needed to be at Govt House for the organisation of the teams for the sprint marathon relay by 7.15am. Mr B had to leave even earlier for the triathlon which started at 6.30am. Rachelle and I went together and arrived exactly on time. It was great to see Marg's stunt double who had come to Canberra with Ron from Queensland for the weekend to celebrate their birthdays.
There were 8 teams with 6 in each team starting in order of estimated speed per km. The aim was to mix fast and slow runners in each team to make them as equal as possible. I started as No 4 in my team. It was lots of fun although the morning was very fresh and a long top was necessary for some of the long waits between runs. Our runs were split into 1 and 2km laps and in the last lap each runner picked up the next one so that all the team ran over the finish line together holding hands. Our team came 4th which was exactly in the middle and a quite exciting finish. Marg's team won which was so fantastic considering that she was asked to stand in for someone who had to drop out at 8pm last night.
Total distance: 6km (with about 1km run inbetween) = 7km
Total distance for week: 76km


  1. Marg's stunt double should have run half her legs :) Did you have to hold hands because it was a post Valentine's Day race?

    Now for the important question... did Jim W's team win?!

  2. No Ewen, I was in Jimmy's team - maybe that was why!! Gary was Marg's team leader.

  3. Poor Jim! I hope you made it up to him afterwards!