Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Little Bit of Bling!

The temperature has dropped and this week has been so much cooler. So many tragedies have happened with dreadful floods in Queensland and horrific fires in Victoria and the devastation of so many lives lost. It makes us realise just how precious and fragile life really can be.
Sunday was still extremely hot, 40deg in Canberra and I just ran a very short run early in the morning.
Distance: 5km
Monday - speedygeoff's training at Parliament House
4.30pm - warm up run with Miranda, Geoff and Ewen
5.30pm - speedygeoff's training
warm up loop of PH followed by main set - 1 practise loop and 4 x 930m hilly repeats with 100m slow/200m fast repeated 3 times for each loop. Then off to the steep hill for attrition sprints. As usual I was eliminated in the first bunch but it was exciting cheering everyone else on and just like last week the two winners were Bronwyn and Tim with Tim the overall winner narrowly racing past Bron at the top of the hill - an exciting finish.
Warm down loop of PH
Total distance: 16.3km
Tuesday - Summer Series No 2 Race
Tonight this was held from The Boathouse and we ran to Molonglo Reach and over the bridge and back
Distance: 5km
Warm-up: 1km
Total distance: 6km
My calf felt very stiff and sore and as a consequence I didn't run a cool-down instead I treated it with a bag of frozen peas at home (having mislaid the ice pack) and gave it a bit of self massage and a soothing shower.
6.15am - RPM
7am - Abs class
6pm - Run with Ewen.
After some confusion re our meeting place Ewen and I finally met up at Regatta Point and started our run a litte later than intended. The conditions were cool and pleasant, so different from the week before. We ran very gently as I was treating my calf with caution. We ran out past Mollonglo and through the wetlands running the full loop - pleasant and after the initial twinges felt comfortable.
Warm-up: 1k
Run with Ewen: 13km
Total distance: 14km
Average pace per km: 6:25

Thursday - Track at AIS
Tonight for some crazy reason I had pre-entered the 15oom ACT Masters' Championships at the track. I ran 3km for a warm-up and ran the 1500m at about 7pm. It was a bit scary but I enjoyed the challenge. The best part was that as I walked down from the kitchen later Rachelle called out to me, "go collect your bling". Sure enough there was a silver medal waiting for me - 2nd in my age group (number in age group = 2) - tee hee! That was a lovely surprise - a medal for second place in spite of a slow time compared to everyone else. I wasn't last - one person finished 2 minutes after me!!
Total Distance with warm-up: 5km
Race distance: 1500m
Time taken for event: 7.09:53
I did look up my past events and find that in 1996 I ran this event in 7:08:34 so I have a bit of work to do to better that time! I have only ever run 1500m once since then before tonight.


  1. The crazy reason you had entered the 1500m could be that you are a bold, daring, valiant, plucky, fearless and heroic lady.

  2. Woohoo! Only one second slower than when you were a baby of 40-something. I like your spelling - the 15zoom. Next season become a middle distance runner and break 7 minutes :)

  3. 15oom is like 1500m, only runners have to squint.