Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Few Hill Repeats

This morning I ran from home past the AIS and on to O'Connor Ridge where I found an appropriate off road hill to start practising hill sprints. Today I just ran straight up for 30secs then jogged down repeating this 6 times, quite enough for the first time. The trouble was I next returned to the cycle track, ran to the city and then had to return home via lots of undulations around the back of O'Connor. There were several more hills so good training for my slow legs which need all the help they can get! I wasn't too interested in my pace as I was trying to concentrate on those hills!
Total distance: 11km
Time taken: 1:11:56
Average pace per km: 6:32
Calories burned: 633
Total distance for week: 60km
Congratulations to all those running friends who ran so well in the Melbourne marathon and half marathon today. It sounds like a number of PBs and great results were achieved!


  1. I have found Warrick, Katherine, Norma & Janene's results but not Ewen or Tesso's. Do you have any results for these or other I may have missed?

  2. Oops sorry I am confusing myself. Tesso is in Sydney, not Melbourne!

  3. My results were lost in the mail Speedychief.

    Glad you missed us, but well done with the hill repeats! Melbourne just has the BEST weather :)