Monday, October 12, 2009

A Good Start to another Cold Week!

Tonight I arrived in time to run the warm-up run with Miranda and speedycoach at 4.30pm. We started in the cool and ran the majority of the 8km run in the rain. Back at Parliament House we quickly changed into dry clothes for the main training at 5.30pm. This involved a warm up loop of PH before heading to the rose garden where we ran a similar session to last week with 200m sprints on the flat next to the road and a jog between up and down the winding track to the rose garden. This time I managed to run 11 loops. It was hard work and I really appreciated my hot shower on returning home!
Total distance including warm-up: 17.07km
Calories burned: 984


  1. Like! (the hot shower. I had one too)

  2. Great Strewth: 8km run in the rain.

  3. And that's only half of it. Strewth was pumped enough to do another 8k of sprints.

  4. Me thinks Strewth is serious about running a fast Canberra Marathon next year!