Friday, October 02, 2009

Follow the Leader!

6.15am - RPM/cycle class
7am - 15mins abs class
6pm - Run with Jen, Chris and Andy from Parliament House. It was a perfect evening, the wind had dropped and it was calm and pleasant. Chris led the way and we ran an interesting loop weaving in and out and down past the lake where the brightly lit museum looked absolutely stunning in the moonlight and the reflections in the lake made the night very beautiful. It really was a lovely run with excellent company. Back in the carpark Chris discovered he had locked his keys in his car and had run with his house keys by mistake! After a few mobile phone calls and some jellybeans for sustenance he eventually managed to contact his son to rescue him and drive him home for his spare keys!
Total distance: 13.26km
Time taken: 1:28
Calories burned: 775

As I was unable to attend the first track session tonight, due to entertaining guests, I decided to take a window of opportunity after preparing the evening meal and go for a run. Who should I meet on the way but speedygeoff going for a warm-up run before track started. He kept me company for 4km which was fun and next we met Roger on his bike cycling home from work to change before track. I took just a tad longer than I should have but it was fun. I was even shown a little uphill track off Dryandra Street on my return run which made for an interesting detour.
Total distance: 10.22km
Time taken: 1:05:38
Average pace per km: 6:25
Calories burned: 596


  1. It's so hard to get a run by yourself in Canberra these days!

  2. The best people run into the best people! "Geese of a feather flock together". (At least I thing that's what we do)