Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunshine and singlet tops - YES!

Today the sun shone all day. It was lovely. Ewen, Geoff, Miranda and I were about to set off on our 4.30pm early warm-up run when Maria arrived which was a lovely surprise. We waited for her to change and as a consequence were about ten minutes late to start. This of course put pressure on the speed as we had to be back in time for the main session at 5.30pm. Thus the pace was set. Ewen, speedychief and Maria ran in front, Miranda next and I was at the back running fast enough to keep them all in sight. It was hard work and this was only the warm-up. For the last km Miranda and I ran together slowly to finish well behind the others bringing the average pace down but by that stage I just needed to get back, have a drink and be prepared for the main session.
Warm up distance: 7.83km
Time taken: 47:45
Average pace per km: 6:05
Fastest km: 4:57
Calories burned: 455
Just after 5.30pm a much larger group of us ran a lap of Parliament House before heading for the rose gardens to repeat last week's session. The loop is an undulating 460m and the goal is to run as many loops as possible in 30mins with the 200m straight part by the road being sprinted. I managed 11 loops again - same as last week. Some managed 14 but a couple only reached 10 so I wasn't the slowest tonight for a change!
Total distance: 9.26km
Calories burned: 529

Total distance for session: 17.09km


  1. Next time we're going to start running as soon as we see Maria's car coming down the hill!

  2. Oh, my goodness, nearly 8km was just the warm-up!!

    17km ....That's a solid session if ever I heard of one! Clever girl!

  3. And she lived to smile another day.

    I have proved that the people who do the longest warm-ups are the fittest.

    Or is it the other way round?