Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fun on our Run with NO Sun!

This morning, on a bleak and drizzly Saturday, I met up with Thea and Ewen at the War Memorial where we braved the weather and went for a leisurely longish run. The wind had dropped, the rain was only a drizzle in short bursts and it turned into ideal running conditions. Next month we'll be complaining as it will be too hot. I must admit it did not look very promising weather for a run but with a spray jacket and 3/4 leggings it turned out to be fantastic. We even spotted speedysue running in the opposite direction a couple of times.
We all caught up with the goss as the three of us haven't run together for ages. One little bonus was just when I needed it most Ewen spotted a workman's portable loo on the side of the road and it even had a "lady" on the door - must have been conjured up just for me! Inside the sign on the wall made me giggle. It read: " Fun in the sun but when you're done, please don't flush if it's Number One!"
Our run was loads of fun (without the sun) and later we went to Hudsons for coffee and lingered long enough for it to turn into lunch - a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours on a grey cold Saturday.:
Temperature at maximum: 12deg
Total distance: 17km
Time taken: 1:52:49
Average pace per km: 6:38
Calories burned: 968


  1. You forgot to mention the fresh roll of toilet paper I put in on my way to the start!

    Thanks for the run - and FREE coffee. Now I'm up to date on all the goss.

  2. Coffee lingering on into lunch! Now that's really living!

    Does Ewen know everything before it happens??!!

    I'm dreading having to get out tomorrow for a longish run...the weather is horrible here!

  3. Huh. Always fun to make a pit stop. We waved at traffic while we waited. :)