Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Turn up the Heat!!

Last night I decided to attend an RPM/Spin class at the gym to save my legs for today's longish run. There was a different instructor and it was so tough. By the time I had finished the 50mins I felt like I had run 10km - fast!!
Wednesday (today)
6.15am - strength and upper body work
7am - 15mins abs class
5.45pm - Run with Chris, Andy, Jen, Carol, Amanda and Frances. Yes, seven of us turned up for Chris' group at PH tonight. Jen and Andy had to leave after an hour but the rest of us kept going. We ran from PH round central basin to the War Memorial. Amanda and Carol ran ahead but the rest of us ran back to PH gently. From there Chris, Ewen and I ran a lap of PH in and out the tracks and back to the start. It was great to catch up with Carol after such a long time and to meet Amanda and new starter Frances.
The weather during today has been bitterly cold, windy and drizzly - not at all conducive to a pleasant run. However, by the time we ran it wasn't too bad, a little drizzle but not much and the wind had eased. It was still cold enough to keep jackets or long sleeved tops on for the entire run however.
Total distance: 13.4km
Time taken: 1:28:29
Calories burned: 763


  1. Eight if you include me! But I'm easily forgettable - just like Mr Cellophane!

    Turn up the heat and turn off the rain!

  2. Oopsidaisy - sorry Ewen - how could I forget you? SORRY! I did mention you but forgot in the group - ouch, now I'm in trouble!

  3. Black Knight's schedule:
    06.15 a.m.: dreaming
    07.00 a.m.: sleeping again!!!
    And Strewth is already working hard.

  4. bbrrrrrrrrrrrrr when you find the warmth please let us all know....