Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Sun has Returned!

The sun stayed out and just before 5pm I set out on a short run to include a few short hill sprints as suggested by Ewen. I ran from home, past the AIS and on to O'Connor Ridge where I had to avoid my normal spot as there were lots of young boys on BMX bikes whizzing down the hills and likely to take me with them. Instead I stayed on the other side of the gate where I felt safer and found a short steep hill to sprint quickly with high knees - just 4 repeats with a jog down between. I found a little bit of flat to practise a few strides to stretch the legs out before and after the hills. Then I ran back to the track and continued to the city turn-off where I turned and ran back home the same way instead of running over more hills on the return journey.
It took me ages to warm up and find my legs (possibly due to a late dinner out and a few wines last night) but I felt much better about half way into the run. The pace didn't really matter anyway as it was more about the training aspect today.
Total distance: 10:06km
Time taken: 1:04:13
Average pace per km: 6:22
Calories burned: 592
Total distance per week: 62km
The weather forecast for this week is looking positively sunny and warm. We may even start complaining that we're too hot soon!!! :)


  1. Some of us will never complain about it being too hot. Good girl for taking Ewen's advice. Now just get out there and run.

  2. I can just imagine you as a BMX bandit! Sorry the warm-up was so quick this arvo - I'm blaming Maria.