Sunday, January 07, 2007

Back to the hills!

2007 has not started well but it is sometimes difficult to blog personal family tragedies so I will stick to the running stuff and just say that sometimes family becomes the most important focus in our lives.

Today is my daughter's birthday and we had a lovely brunch in Manuka with most of us together. Tonight we will have a birthday dinner for her.

This morning I did not run but yesterday at 7am I ran with the Molonglo group and chose to run the longer, tougher distance with Steve, John and Ewen. To say "with" Steve and John is using the word very loosely but we managed to keep them in sight most of the way. The word "run" is also used loosely as it was tough and very very hilly and in many parts impossible to run. We "ran" around Mt Ainslie, Trent's (twice), the Zig-zag to 4 Ways and back via Campbell Park stopping at Duntroon for more water. It was very hot and still weather and both Ewen and I ran out of water. I had taken three little water bottles but I could have done with twice that! It was very thirsty weather and as we were out for three hours I became very dehydrated. When we finally reached the tap at Duntroon I just couldn't drink enough. I splashed my face, filled my drink bottles over and over and poured water in my cap to throw over me. When we arrived back at Molonglo Reach Steve and John had just arrived. They went a slightly different route for the last few km. We all had a dip in the lake and the water was so cool and soothing on the sore legs. I had intended to go for a longer run this morning but hadn't intended to run for three hours!! It was hard work and very slow. I hope it will toughen me up!

Saturday 6 January - 7am
Location: From Molonglo Reach
Hill "Run": 25km
Time taken: 3hours
Calories burned: 2490 (I was hungry and thirsty for the rest of the day!)

Friday 5 January
Gym - RPM/Spin/Bike class
This was a tough 45minute class with lots of uphill sprints. What is with all these hills lately! It was a very good workout.

Thursday 4 January
6am - Run
Distance: 8.21km
Time taken: 45:56
Average pace per km: 5:36 (I can do it when I try!)
Calories burned: 477
Fastest km: 4:51

I went for a run before work towards Giralang along the cycle track. I turned on the music and ran as if possessed. So much is going on and buzzing in my head. It was so good to run.

8pm - Track
4 lap spiral handicap
Distance (according to Gandalf) - 1.7m
Time taken: 7:56
Average pace per km: 4:41
Handicap: 32
Place: 18th

I had a window of opportunity to drive to the track just for this event but was so glad I ran it and was pleased with the result. It was good to catch up with a few running friends such as Ewen, Cathy S, speedygeoff and Geoff B who had safely returned from his sailing trip.

Wednesday 6am - Gym
I did a 15minute abs class and then spent the next 45mins using the weights machines. Ouch, after a couple of weeks away from them I found it very tough indeed.
I was glad I went to the gym as the rest of the day was a write-off.


  1. Strewth, you & your family are in my thoughts.

  2. Thanks for running with me on Saturday. I was hungry and thirsty for the rest of the day too!

    Thinking of you in what must be a difficult time.

  3. Hope it all improves soon for you and your family.

    Those runs there with that type of friends should be amazing!

  4. I'm also thinking of you, Strewth. Like you, I have turned to my running for release in these kind of situations. Take care.

  5. 4 lap spiral distance is officially 1645.62 metres.


  6. Hope everything is ok......