Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Luckylegs hits the town!

A lovely evening at Belluci's -
From left: PRB, strewth, Ewen, Aki, Luckylegs and Flashduck

Earlier in the evening before Ewen's arrival

And tomorrow evening LL will hit the AIS track and run the 800m event with Aki pacing her. Look out Canberra - LL is ready to take on the world! I so hope I can be there! Good luck LL! We will be cheering you on!


  1. What an amazing talented bunch of people in those photos, and I don't just mean the ability to eat well.

  2. You have no idea how exciting was to open slowly this page with my slow internet :P
    How good looking people there in Australia, of course all they runners :D

  3. I love the pedestrian crossing sign ;) Poor FD is falling asleep - must have been all that boring talk about running. Other than that, we look so happy. Was it because we fluked one of the few perfect al fresco dining nights in Canberra?

  4. You can tell they're runners by what they're wearing on their wrists.

    Or are those devices how they find their way home.