Monday, January 01, 2007

A Good Run to Start 2007!

Today I went for a run with Mr B from home to Lake Ginninderra, round the lake and home again. We arrived home in time to find our son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren waiting to see us. They stayed for dinner and it was so nice to spend the first evening of 2007 with them. Our girls are due back from Sydney tomorrow. Our run was a good one, working off some of this over-indulgence which has been happening lately! There's still chocolates in my house. That is not good, they need to be eaten!!

Distance: 15:10km (Day 1 of 2007)
Time: 1hour 26mins 8secs
Average pace per km: 5:42
Calories burned: 884

Over the past few weeks I have run a couple of long hilly Saturday runs from Molonglo, (16.3km each) - one including Trent's Hill and the rollercoaster - now I have discovered what they are talking about! Chris was our long-legged mountain goat leader on those two runs when Cathy M and I followed him on the longer loops and met the others later.

On the last Sat before Christmas we stayed to share Christmas cheer and beautiful Christmas mince pies made by one of our male runners. Someone brought champagne and it was such a lovely morning. Oh, but I did have a fall on that run. The ground was very dry and dusty and I tripped on a stone and fell flat down and slid along the dry ground before I even realised I was falling so I didn't even try to stop myself! I lay there winded for a minute but was surrounded by friends who dusted me down and threw water on me. It really does make such a difference to run with friends. I had a few grazes and a bit of blood but it was mainly my pride that was injured and I was quickly back into the run. We met up with lots of other vetrunners coming in the other direction that day including Maree and Amanda who commented on my rather dusty appearance as it was pretty obvious I had had a fall! It was great to see them and exchange Christmas greetings on our way.

The interesting part about those two runs is that they were almost the same distance but quite different routes, both heading off towards Mt Ainslie but the first run was the run to the peak of the hill while the second run was our usual loop round the base in comparison a much easier run but still quite hilly.

Saturday 16 December
Distance: 16:22km
Time taken: 1:54mins - the tough hilly run
Average pace per km: 7:05 !!!
Calories burned: 1122

Tuesday 19 December
Distance: 9.64km
Time taken: 56:35
Average pace per km: 5:52
Calories burned: 564

Saturday 23 December
Distance: 16:30km
Time taken: 1:44:22
Average pace per km: 6:24
Calories: 1000

Tuesday 26 December
Distance: 8.44km
Time taken: 45:22
Average pace per km: 5:23
Calories burned: 470

Thursday 28 December - an undulating run by Cronulla Beach
Distance: 10km
Time taken: 1hour

Saturday 30 December - another hilly beachside run
Distance: 10.07km
Time taken: 1hour 1min!

And now I must look to increasing my distances and number of runs as the Canberra Marathon is only three months away! And tomorrow it's back to the office - oh joy!


  1. I'm back at work today too :-(

    Glad to hear that you are ok after your all. That's a busy week you've had.

    Happy new year!

  2. Lucky you didn't fall on the rocks near Trent's grave!

    Happy new year to you too Strewth - see you out at Molonglo :)

    Oh yes, I heard a good tip on the radio today about 'left over' Christmas food - just throw it all in the bin (chocolates included).

  3. Happy 2007, Strewth! I'll be in Canberra for a week, as of this Friday, 5th...hope we can meet up sometime.

  4. Happy new year Strewth!

    Good to know you are starting full of energy!

  5. Where would Christmas be without chocolates (and cakes, nuts, ice cream, frothy cuppachinos, wine, beer...). We could take Ewen's suggestion although I favour just continuing to eat the stuff. We're runners aren't we? We can hack it.

    I hope no falling over was one of your new year's resolutions (come to think of it, it should be one of mine too!)

    Happy New Year to you Strewth.