Saturday, January 20, 2007

Putting Things in Perspective

Friday Run - 5.45am
Distance: 10km

Time taken: 57:30
Average pace per km: 5:47
Calories burned: 585
Fastest km: 5:29

On Friday morning I decided I should rise early and go for a run to make up for missing Thursday night's track. It wasn't a startling time but it was a lovely run. I listened to my music and I ran thinking of everything that has happened lately - in fact, suddenly a silly accident in my little car didn't seem so bad in the big scheme of things. Nobody was hurt and the car will untimately be fixed. Gee, some days I am so glad I can run. The temperature was warm and muggy even at 5.45am. We have been experiencing a very hot January in Canberra.

Saturday's Molonglo Group Run - 7am
Distance: 22km
Time taken: 2hours 24mins
Average pace per km: 6:37
Calories burned: 1339
Total distance for week: 51km
Total distance for year: 135km

I started off running with the group at Molonglo and we headed off on our usual route round the base of Mt Ainslie and over the hills fairly slowly as it was very hot. Today the temperature soared yet again to over 38deg and even at that time of day we were dripping by the 3km mark and consuming lots of water. Just past the 12km mark Ewen and I decided to head towards the War Memorial and round the lake. We ran to the Carillon for a top up of water and then on to Kingston and round through the Wetlands and back to Molonglo. It was a good run incorporating the hills to start and finishing on the flat - good company and an enjoyable distance. Hopefully we will do something similar next week but for a longer distance.

After the run we joined the others who were having nibblies and drinks back at the picnic ground in the shade. Then Ewen and I immersed ourselves in the cool refreshing lake water. It was absolute heaven and soothing on the hot tired muscles - a lovely way to finish the run.


  1. You should have joined us - it was a lot of fun!!!!! ;-)

  2. No CJ, your run wasn't a lot of fun! Ours was!! The picnic and dip in the cool, cool water was the perfect way to finish :)

  3. Isn't it amazing that running gives us the time to clear our heads & order our thoughts. I feel sorry for those who don't run - who don't give themselves 'me' time.

    Take care of yourself. Looking forward to seeing you next month. Might even join in on your long run.... ;-)