Saturday, January 13, 2007

Running with champions

Aki, CJ (the champion), strewth, Ewen, speedygeoff
and Mr B after the 10,000m event

Aki pacing Luckylegs in the 800m track event

Thursday night's track
I managed to arrive at track in time to cheer on LL in her 800m event. It was a stinking hot night - still about 38deg by 8pm and probably even hotter when LL competed at 7pm. The heat certainly affected a lot of people but in spite of the conditions LL still managed to improve her PB by 15secs which was pretty impressive!

In the 10,000m event after persuading CJ to compete, she managed to win first place in the women and become the ACT 10,000m track champion! Wow, well done CJ. Aki achieved a bronze medal in the same event. I am running with champions. How exciting!

I found the temperature a bit restrictive and was about 40secs slower than last time I ran 10,000km on the track.

Distance: 10km
Time taken: 54mins
Average pace per km: 5:22
Calories burned: 605

However, it was great to see everyone and we really appreciated the help and support of FD and PRB who lap scored for four of us which is a pretty impressive effort. Thanks guys.

Saturday - Early morning hill run
Distance: 18.18km
Time taken: 2hours
Average pace per km: 6:42
Calories burned: 1173

I met up with Graeme's group at Molonglo at 7am. It was a much more comfortable temperature than yesterday which at one point reached 43degrees! Today only reached 29degs although once the sun came out it still felt very hot.

For this morning's run however, the day started slightly overcast and it was a good time to run. A large group of us started together, some going the very long distance with Steve and some going the shorter distance with Graeme. I chose to leave the others in my group at about the 6km mark when some were turning and some were completing the usual loop. Instead I ran with long-legged Chris up Trent's hill, to the start of the zig zag where we turned left instead of right, ran a bit more then decided on a steep "diversion" as Chris named it. We ran back via the beautiful grounds of the Defence Force Academy and back to Molonglo. It was much tougher than the usual loop although only a couple of kilometres further. Running is such a panacea and an excellent distraction from other events in our lives. Those hills defnitely require concentration - slowly, slowly but surely improvement will eventually happen!


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  2. Those happy faces show us you enjoyed the race! Fantastic to be running with champions!

  3. Thanks for the photos Strewth - they're both great. In the top one, it looks dark and cool (not!). It also looks like Aki has dropped her cricket ball ;)

    Glad you had a good run with Chris yesterday. Did you have a swim afterwards? The river was sooooo cool!

  4. Great photos! I found yesterday morning hot while running - even got sunburnt!