Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Window of Opportunity

After spending a virtually sleepless night at my son's home caring for my little grandchildren I took time off work to take little Talia to Cockington Green. A friend came with me and we had a magical day with little Miss Four - train rides, icecreams, picnic, miniature village, sunshine and a chance to just spend quality time away from the stress and sadness currently surrounding our lives. Tonight I am going to dinner with Lucky Legs, Flash Duck, Thea, Peter and Ewen. It will be wonderful to catch up with these beautiful people.

Unfortunately I was unable to go to speedygeoff's session at PH on Monday and I believe it was a good one too. I did manage an early morning gym session however and yesterday morning I squeezed in a run before work.

Tuesday 9 January - Run
Distance: 10km
Time taken: 57:18
Average pace: 5:43
Calories burned: 600
Fastest km: 5:29

For some reason I am unable to post photos on this new Beta Blog. Can anyone help me figure this one out?

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  1. Posting photos works fine. My advice would be... might be a timing issue, upload the photo straight after logging on. Might be the size of the photo; edit in Paint first (e.g. try a stretch/skew 20%. OR if you are familiar with Paint, you will know other ways to change the size). Might be just unlucky, blogger may not be totally bug free, "try again later"!