Thursday, January 25, 2007

There's a Holiday Tomorrow - Woo Hoo!!

And it just so happens that I can sleep in - no alarms - no running. I may go for a swim during the course of the day but it will be a slow one if I do!

Tonight I chose to time going to track to take part only in the 5 lap spiral. At 6pm it was far too hot for the 3000m but by 8pm the temperature had cooled right down and it was a lovely time to run. Speedygeoff, Jenny (who was visiting from Sydney for a few days) and I ran an easy 4km warm-up first and that was lovely. Then we took part in the 5 lap spiral handicap at 8.15pm.

Handicap: Group 32
Distance: 2.19km (each time you run a loop you go into the next lane which means each lap is slightly longer than the one before)
Time taken: 10:14
Place: 21st
Average pace per km: 4:40
Calories burned: 122

Today was Maria's birthday and a group of us celebrated at the end of track with a glass of champagne to wish her well. Happy Birthday Maria - a most relaxing finish to a pleasant evening.

WTD: 31km
YTD: 166km

Happy Australia Day tomorrow!


  1. Gadalf is Kidding.

    The official distance is 2076.03 metres, so you can redo your calculations, and tell Gadalf to do better next time.

  2. It's OK Friar, Gandalf is generous. My Mr Flibble has no such streak. Mean, perhaps.
    Happy ozday strewth to a real aussie.

  3. I'll be at Molonglo tomorow at sux thirty and beck again at seven.

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  5. Today was my scheduled rest day but I have already gone for run, a ride with daughter on the bike, and a swim. I should have done what you did yesterday and actually have a sleep-in - but I can't help myself.

    That champers must have tasted great after a hot day too!