Monday, January 15, 2007

Speedygeoff's PH starts the Week!

Monday's Parliament House Session
I arrived three minutes late for training and spent my warm-up lap trying to catch up to the group. I eventually caught them stretching back at the start. It was a really hot evening and difficult to run fast intervals. We ran relays in teams of two and Ewen was kind enough to partner me as he had already run a 7km warm-up before the session and was happy to go slower. We ran a practice set of 820m followed by the 300m recovery loop to check the route.

Main set
4 x 820m
300m recovery between

We then did a warm down of another loop of PH.
Total distance: 9km

Tuesday - Gym - 6.15am
Bodypump class
Interesting and tough as this was my first class for this year.

Wednesday - Run - 5.40am
Distance: 10km
Time taken: 56.49mins
Week's total: 19km
Month's total: 114km

It was hot even at this time of the morning and I found the run quite difficult mainly because I spent the entire run searching for convenient trees!! Not a good run this morning unfortunately and I was dripping with perspiration by the end of it.

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  1. I'm always looking for an easier run Mondays - usually still tired from the weekend. That was a pretty hard session though - even running slowly!