Wednesday, February 21, 2007

20km before brekkie!

This morning my program called for a middle to long distance run which meant rolling out of bed at a ridiculous hour to fit it in before work so I duly set the alarm for 4.45am but still didn't manage to start runnng until 5.20am. As I was on duty at the Cross Country Race at Lake Ginninderra yesterday I was unable to run it so I incorporated that run into my long run today. I ran from home to and round the lake then on through the tunnel towards Gungahlin and out for another couple of kms before turning and heading for home the long way. I did have to seek out the bushes a few times but apart from that it was a perfect time of day - still and pleasant. The only problem was that half the street lights weren't working and this meant the first half of the lake run was in darkness which was a bit scary! However, by the time I reached home the sun was coming out and it was light. I was pleased that I ran so far but I did arrive at work half an hour later than planned!

Distance: 20km
Time taken: 1hour 54mins 45secs
Average pace per km: 5:44
Calories burned: 1170

WTD: 29km
MTD: 174km
YTD: 370km


  1. Buon funzionamento!

    That is quick Ruth. Please take pity on me Saturday and run at a more sensible pace!

    I'm thinking something similar, but with the extra bit 'in the middle' rather than out to Fyshwick.

  2. Convenevoli Ewen! Sounds like a plan! Ci rediamo!