Saturday, February 10, 2007

Combination of Hills and Flats

Left: CJ, Ewen and Jen
Below: strewth, CJ and Jen

Run at 7am
Distance: 23.12km
Time taken: 2hrs 32mins!
Average pace pr km: 6:36
Calories burned: 1415

I had been out of bed an hour when huge claps of thunder and lightning lit up the sky. It was really really close to our house and then it rained and really heavily too. I even telephoned Ewen to check we were still running - I should know better - vets run in absolutely any weather - a bit of rain won't stop them! However, as it turned out, by the time I arrived at Molonglo the rain had stopped and the conditions were perfect for running as the intense heat was not there at all.

A lovely new girl, Jill, who has been emailing me after contacting speedygeoff, turned up to run with us today. Ewen and I had decided she wasn't old enough to be a vet until she told me she has a 24yr old daughter! Wow, she doesn't look more than 25 - runners so often look great for their age! Anyway, we all ran from Molonglo Reach towards the Mt Ainslie hills in reverse which meant we started on the flat and it was while before we reached the undulations and even longer before we reached the real hills. Jill ran out for about 6km before turning back with some others. Ewen and I continued up the hills until we reached a turnoff towards the war memorial where we headed for the lake. From here we ran round part of the lake and back via the wetlands. It was a good run and fortunately there were plenty of bushes! My legs were a bit tired though, possibly due to the RPM class yesterday morning or more likely because of lack of fuel. I just didn't want to risk eating before the run and had very little the night before. Thus, my energy ran out about 5km before we finished and it became quite a struggle to keep going. However, the company was great and the conditions ideal.

Later CJ, Ewen and I met up with Jen (here from Sydney for a couple of days) for lunch and had a lovely time - so good to catch up with her. I was the only one of the four of us not doing Six Foot this year - a dedicated bunch of runners!


  1. Except for runners that do Six Foot - they look ancient and worn out ;) Some would say you are the sensible one.

    Thanks for the run and great lunch - so reasonably priced!

  2. I fear it will be a long time coming before I actually get to see Jen on one of her trips. If I came along you wouldn't be alone there. :( Good run on Thursday. :)

  3. Oh yes - forgot about the price of lunch!!!!! It was a great lunch with excellent company - can't ask for more than that! Though I'm a bit concerned by Ewen's comment about ancient and worn out Six Foot runners!

    (and I've done it again - started a comment before logging on so hold on please while I copy, log in, and then paste this comment!)

  4. Don't forget I actually made a profit out of lunch!! ;-)

    It was soooo lovely to see you again - you are looking SENSATIONAL!

  5. Great photos Strewth thanks for always showing them!
    All you look so athletic!!