Thursday, February 15, 2007

Where did the week go??

Monday - speedygeoff's training session
Parliament House
After a warm-up loop of PH we headed off road to run a practise loop of 900m before the real 3 x 900m on 8minutes then a warm-down lap of PH. I was very glad it was a reasonably gentle session (although it still felt hard to me tonight) as after every 900m I had to make a mad dash to the loo - not a very comfortable session tonight!
Distance: 7.5km

Wednesday - Middle distance run for mid-week
Distance: 15km
Time taken: 1hour 29mins
Average pace per km: 5:57
Calories burned: 890

I set off from home at 5.45am and ran down to Lake Ginninderra and round the lake and back home again. The mornings are becoming darker again and it took a while before it was light this morning. I ran with my music and enjoyed the peace although there were a surprising number of people walking, cycling and running round the lake at that time of day.
In the evening CJ and I attended our first Beginner Italian class - talk about brain overload! My tiny head was buzzing but the time went really fast and soon we were heading for Dickson where we met up with Peter, Ewen and Thea. Unfortunately Lucky Legs wasn't well and stayed in her hotel room which was disappointing. We were in our class and didn't see the message from Ewen and Thea and Peter were already on their way so we met up anyway and CJ and I had dessert with the others at Bellucis - absolutely delicious! (Photos to be posted soon)!

Thursday - Track
Woo hoo - reunion with Lucky Legs - so good to see her. She was so much better and ran fantastically on the track in both the 1500m and the 6 lap spiral. Marg and I ran in both those events too so it was lots of fun.

We ran a 2km warm up before the events. I had no intention of entering the 1500m but at the last minute decided, "why not?" so Marg and I joined LL on the track. It was a handicapped event according to age so that made it more fun and less threatening. Because of this LL was able to run off first and had a good lap lead on us. We never did catch her up either. Great run LL. I managed to run in just ahead of Marg which pleased me in a time of 7:09. Marg's time was 7:11 so it was VERY close at the end! Next we ran in the 6 lap spiral handicap. I ran from Group 30 and came in 23rd (out of 43) in a time of 12:28. Marg came in just behind me in 12:43. We are so close in our times. However these are the last runs Marg will run in my age group as this weekend she turns 60. Bit of a shame really as it's fun having such close competition.

It was so good to catch up with LL and lovely that Aki was there to support her as well. She makes a very vocal cheer squad - fantastic!

Saturday - Long Run - 7.10am
Distance: 30.5km
Time taken: 3hours 10minutes
Average pace per km: 6:20
Calories burned: 1833
WTD: 63km
MTD: 145km

Today I ran with Ewen for the entire run. It was great company and a very pleasant run. I really enjoyed it and the best part was I felt ok and the tummy behaved itself! We ran with the group from Molonglo Reach, past Campbell Park and on to the Mt Ainslie saddle loop then left the others and ran towards the War Memorial and on to the lake. From there we ran past the yacht club and on round the lake, out to Kingston Foreshore and the Wetlands, a right turn towards Fyshwick then back to Molonglo Reach. It was good to stop and enjoy grapes and ginger beer at the end! The weather was perfect, a little cooler first thing which helped heaps and it didn't become hot until about 10am so it was manageable for running. In fact it was a thoroughly enjoyable run and I was very happy to at last have run the 30km.

After a short rest at the lake I whizzed home to make a rice salad, shower, change, iron some pants, wrap gifts and then we rushed off to Marg and Gwen's 60th birthday party. What perfect weather for it - great food and excellent company.

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  1. Thanks for the run yesterday - it was a perfect morning. I needed a nap when I got home (it was that extra bit towards Fyshwick which did the damage). You finished strongly! I don't know how you managed to go out and party all afternoon!