Monday, February 19, 2007

A New Week Begins.

Morning - Gym 6.15am
Worked on upper body weights and gee I noticed the difference after not going to the gym for a week. My poor wee car was in hospital last week and I couldn't go to the gym in the mornings but I have it back now as good as new so it's back to the gym and back to those weights and RPM class again.

Afternoon - speedygeoff's training - 5.30pm - Parliament House
Warm up loop of PH then the main set was 8 repeats x 80secs as fast as possible and a gentle jog back to the start on 4 minutes. This was followed by a warm down loop of PH.
Distance: 9.20km
Calories burned: 554

1 comment:

  1. You did really well last night! It was a hard session - needed a big psyche-up to do the warm-down afterwards!

    Don't let CJ anywhere near that lovely cake. We don't want her to 'fatten' before 6' ;)