Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Long Run with Great Company

Run Molonglo 7.00am
Distance: 34km
Time taken: 3:37:20
Average pace per km: 6:20
Weather humid
Calories burned: 1800

WTD: 78km
MTD: 223km
YTD: 419km

Only 5 of us turned up at Molonglo for the 7am run this morning. It was pleasant to start but grew hotter and hotter as the time progressed. I ran with Ewen all the way, doing the Mt Ainslie loop for 12km then down past the War Memorial to the lake. On Mt Ainslie there were even more kangaroos than last week - some quite bravely leaping in front of us. There was a large group of kangaroos watching us suspiciously in the hills. They had probably loved the recent rainfall. At least there was a touch of green out there on the dry hills.

After Mt Ainslie we ran towards the carillon and on past the ferry terminal where we found a few acquaintances to chat to (good excuse for a pit stop and to fill the water bottles). From there we ran to the Museum on a dirt track which was an interesting detour then back past the ferry terminal again and on to the yacht club, Kingston Foreshore and through the Wetlands back to Molonglo. We had a few pit stops on the way and when we reached the last bridge leading to Molonglo Reach we stopped the clock at 34km and walked the last 500m to the finish. That last 2km was so tough as it was very exposed and extremely hot by then.

Once back at the start we plunged into the icy lake and just lay in the water for a while in absolute heaven! It was cold, refreshing and absolutely bliss. Then we lay on the bank in the sun drinking ginger beer and nibbling on grapes. Neither of us felt like moving. In fact it was tempting to fall asleep. However I reluctantly drove home to do those mundane chores such as supermarket shopping. It was a good run and I thoroughly enjoyed Ewen's company.

All afternoon I felt like sleeping so Mr B and I stopped for a coffee to revive me. We had decided to drive to Gungahlin for a change of shops and we saw so many people we knew. In fact Barb and Mark joined us for coffee and we sat and talked for ages. It was a good day but I do need an early night before running the Vets' Handicap run in Curtin tomorrow morning.


  1. It was a great run! If not for the company, I would have wimped out at 30k.

    I'll never forget that swim - so reviving - and the ginger beer and grapes!

    In spite of drinking during the run, I was 2kg lighter when I got home. Not good. Must watch that.