Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another New Adventure and I only JUST made it!

Distance: 11km
Time taken: 1 hour
Average pace per km: 5:27
Fastest km: 5:13
Calories: 630
Tonight I decided to enter the 1 hour run on the track. Everyone starts at the same time and each runner has a lap scorer. At the hour mark the gun goes bang and everyone stops still exactly where they are at the time. I was 70metres from the end of a lap. I managed to scrape in ahead of Margaret but I was still slower than I would have liked, probably because I was running on absolutely NO fuel. It was too risky to eat anything after lunch! Even then I only just made the hour, I was about to veer off to the loo when Steve called out, "Don't stop now, there's only ONE minute to go" so I returned to the main track and ran as fast as I could for the last 30secs! There was a bit of a wind but at least the conditions were mild and not too hot for once. In fact afterwards we cooled down very quickly and I could have done with a jacket! I was so pleased I actually managed to last the full hour but gee an hour seems a long time when you're going round in circles. However, it's all good training.


  1. Good run Ruth - you must love running in circles!

    Lots of bushes tomorrow, so you can relax :)

  2. Nice run, Ruth. An hour running in circles? Dizzy lady!