Monday, February 26, 2007

A Different Training Session Tonight!

6.15am - Gym
Weights session
Warm up for 10 minutes on the treadmill then a 30mins weights session for the upper body and abs and back exercises.

speedygeoff's training session - 5.30pm - Parliament House - Hill session
Distance: 8.18km
Calories burned: 542

Session: Warm-up loop, stretches, then a run down to the lake past the tent embassy and to Reconciliation Place. There speedygeoff found a couple of lovely little (!) grassy hills and we had to run up one side and down then up the other side at a good pace, then repeat this 5 times with a gentle run of the same route in between each repeat. Then off for a run around Reconciliation Place and back to the start where we ran the hill repeats 3 times fast then slow, back for another run before our last 2 fast hill repeats with 2 slow hill repeats to finish. Ouch! There was a group there doing a boot camp. They had balls and skipping ropes - it looked interesting!! We cooled down by running back to our starting spot at the top of the stairs near Parliament House. It was a tough little session. Those hills are deceptively steep. However, it felt good (afterwards) and the company was enjoyable.

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  1. I was wishing I was in the boot camp! I found it hard, and I was jogging. Speedygeoff is a right bastard for dreaming it up!