Sunday, February 11, 2007

Vets' Sprint Marathon Relay

This was another interesting experience for me. This morning I had to rise early AGAIN - gee, I need a sleep-in! I was due at Govt House by 7.15am (what's more I was on time) for the organisation of the sprint marathon relay teams starting from there. There were ten teams of six and Tuggeranong Don was our team leader. It was tough but a lot of fun, I met new people and I enjoyed the challenge. Unfortunately our team came ninth but the main thing was it was a fun day and the rain stopped for the morning. Gosh, it's been good to see the rain this weekend. The storm stopped just in time for our run yesterday and the rain stopped in time for our run today - great management from above! In previous years I have often run my long training runs on Sunday mornings and passed this group of people in the sprint marathon relay so it was fantastic to take part in it this year and know what it's all about.

We ran according to our average speed for a km, thus the fastest runner in the team (in our team it was TD) ran as Number 1 and the slowest runner as Number 6. I ran in Number 5 spot. This meant my first leg was 2km then I waited with others until my next leg which was 1km and repeated that km three times with a break between each leg of about 10minutes, then the last leg was 2km (a total of 7km for each team member). For this last leg everyone in the team ran over the finish line together holding hands. It was a great way to finish.

Sadly, I forgot to stop Gandalf after the run so it kept on timing until I realised and stopped it about 5 minutes later. However, I do know my fastest km was the second one which I ran in 4:36.

Total distance: 7km
WTD: 60km
MTD: 93km
YTD: 309km


  1. Don would have been a great team leader. I can't say I'm sorry I missed that one - I've done it 3 times and know how hard it is.

    Also, unlike you (Jen is right), I need my beauty sleep!

  2. Saturday's are the exception to sleeping in. ??

    Or is the beauty sleep later in the day.

  3. It was a fun day and frankly I didn't give two hoots about where we came. We had fun and that's all that mattered.

    The day was made even more special because you were part of our little team, Strewth. You bring so much to running.

  4. A fast km, congrats. Here I am trying to learn to stop the storms just in time for my runs..... do you have any advice?