Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bad Decision!

Tuesday - Cross Country Run
Location: Eddison Park
Distance: 5.3km
Time taken: 29.26mins!!
Average pace per km: 5:33

This was an absolutely disastrous run. After the first lap (it was a two lap course) I felt really uncomfortable and could hardly run at all due to tummy troubles (AGAIN)! I sneaked off from a meeting to run this race so obviously it was my karma. I should never have attempted it as I was definitely not 100%. I felt dreadful and was disappointed with my time and the way I felt. Still, at least it gives me room for improvement!!

Wednesday - today - short run with CathyM, George, Ewen, Dennis, Chris
Distance: 5:42km

CathyM, George and I started from the bridge near the swimming pool and met up with Ewen, Dennis and Chris who had run from PH. They left us at the carillon where they veered off for a drink and we continued on round the two bridges. It was very hot indeed and I ran very slowly keeping well behind the others. Naturally it was a mad dash to the loo at the end. I have lots of new ideas for diets to experiment with from Cathy and Chris. I meet up with more and more runners who have had similar problems. It is very frustrating currently. All I want to do is run long distances without interruptions!


  1. The 'Blood Group' diet was the interesting one. I'm 'O NEG' - hope that means plenty of carbs and beer!

  2. So what is the diet for an A Neg person - moi! Hope things improve!

    Next Wednesday should be interesting!!!! :-)

  3. CJ - CathyM tells me A is the absolute best - you are the only blood group that can tolerate red wine and coffee!!! Ewen on the other hand has to follow quite a strict diet - tee hee!