Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Birds' Eye View!

Tuesday 6.15am - Gym

Wednesday 6.15am - Gym
RPM - Cycle class 45minutes
Abs Class - 15minutes
Great big ouch!

Outside my office window a magnificent feat of engineering has taken place. A magpie and her mate have built the most intricately designed nest for their babies. I have been watching with awe as the nest has developed from a few plastic spoons and straws to a deep wire netting based work of art firmly entwined in a tall tree. Last weekend the eggs were laid and now Lady Maggie spends a lot of hours sitting on her eggs in her cosy nest while her mate protects her from the nasty currawongs and brings her food. From my window I can ensure no nasties visit in her absence and on occasion have been known to hammer on the window to frighten those currawongs away. Each morning I greet Mrs Maggie and the office staff visit my office at regular intervals to check on any progress. I read that magpie eggs take about three weeks to hatch and the chicks spend about four weeks in the nest after birth. It is so exciting having such a view from my window and keeps us all entertained during working hours!

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  1. Wow! That's exciting. I'm sure the babies appreciate your not so subtle banging on the window ;)

    I always wonder how they start a nest. How does that one twig stay there while they get another one?