Monday, September 17, 2007

Recovery Run!!!

Monday morning: Gym - Fitball Class
This class concentrates on the abs by doing strange and uncomfortable exercises on the fitball. I find it quite challenging and am hoping so see some results one day!

Afternoon - speedygeoff's running training at Parliament House
This afternoon I left work early and managed to meet up with Ewen and speedygeoff at 4.30pm for their early warm-up session before the proper training session started. It was great as my legs needed a good stretch and we fitted in 8km before the session running from PH, down to the lake and past Kingston and back to PH with a few undulations to make it interesting. The company was good and I enjoyed it. I needed to fit in the extra kms to make up for the fact that I won't be running tomorrow as I have a meeting in the evening and gym in the morning.

The others joined us at 5.30pm and we then ran a warm-up loop of PH before heading for the oval where we started our main set. For this we were divided into relay teams of two and one person ran a longer loop of approx 800m out and round the undulating tracks as fast as possible while the other person ran a short loop of about 300m slowly meeting at the start to change positions. This was repeated four times before the cool-down lap of PH.

Total distance: 16km (including the warm up session at the start)

Calories burned: 950


  1. It was a great afternoon. I want you there every Monday at 4.30 - the conversation and pace is perfect!