Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Week's Update

Wednesday - Gym - 6.15am
RPM - Hard cycle class

- speedygeoff's running - Dickson Oval
A long loop warm-up followed by a short loop
Main set - divided into relay teams of two and ran up to 12 x 330m sprints with 110m recovery jogs. Our team of two managed 10 repeats by the time the fastest team finished their 12. We followed this with another cool-down loop of the oval. There were a number of new people tonight which made it interesting.
Total distance: 8km

- Gym - 6.15am
RPM - Another cycle session - twice in one week - surely this must be doing some good. It's killing me!

Saturday - Long Run
This morning I ran at the civilized hour of 9.30am. It was a dull drizzly morning and as I set off the ground was still wet from the early morning rain. It didn't start really falling again until about the 12km point but I was warm by then and it didn't worry me unduly nor did it last the whole way home. In fact I really enjoyed my run this morning. The music was good and I felt at peace with the world after a stressful week at work. It was just so good to block my mind to other issues and focus only on the music and the run.
Distance: 20km
Time taken: 1hr 59mins 52secs
Average pace per km: 6mins
Calories burned: 1185
And yes, I finally managed to run 6min kms again. It's taken a long time to return to that pace for the longer distances. Here's hoping I can improve again. For now I am happy with that!


  1. Awesome effort Strewth - you are getting stronger every day !

  2. No, don't get any faster! 6 min/km is perfect for my long run pace. If you get any quicker I'll be nagging you to slow down all the time!