Monday, September 24, 2007

Starting the Week Right!

Morning 6.15am - Gym
Fitball - lots and lots of abs work - a necessary evil!

After work - 4.30pm - speedygeoff's running at Parliament House
Two weeks in a row I have made it to the early warm-up with Ewen and Geoff. It's great to run that extra 8km before the training session. It's sociable but still a good pace for slow me to try to keep up. We also run away from PH and out past Kingston making it scenic and interesting. Then back to PH for a warm-up loop with the rest of the group before the main set. Tonight this was tough. It was 20 x 100m uphill sprints on the grassy bank jogging back downhill to start each hill on 90secs. It was so hard and then we ran a slow warm down lap back to the carpark.

Total distance: 16.06km
Calories burned: 945

1 comment:

  1. How on earth did you run those hills after the 8k plus warm-up?! I wimped out - much too tough for me.