Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fun at the Coast!

We had an awesome weekend - great company with lots of walking, running, swimming, wining and dining, kayaking and far too much chocolate! The weather was fairly average - some rain, some cold snaps, some sunshine but on the all-important kayak lesson day it was beautiful. The sun came out and we had a fantastic time even including swimming during our morning tea break and later in the afternoon at the local beach.
On the Friday morning seven of us set off for a run, all running various distances according to our needs. Mr B and I were running at a gentle pace and decided to go on to run almost 22km. We ran several kms on the beach bush track that Ewen had recommended and it was just beautiful, set amongst the trees in the shade. The surface was a bit rough at the start but great later and it was sad to emerge back on to the pathway where we headed for Huskisson before we turned back. I had to run another km at the end up a very steep hill before heading for the beach to stand in the cold surf while Mr B went for a proper dip. It was very refreshing.
Distance: 21.43km (yes, I know I should have run that extra 600m)
Time taken: 2:18
Average pace per km: 6:28 (parts of it were a bit rough and parts were on soft sand which was tricky)
Calories burned: 1270
During the course of the weekend I went on a 9km walk with one of the girls and a few swims in the surf. It was just a lovely social weekend.
Tuesday - Back to work!
I managed to run between showers this morning before work. Later it absolutely pelted down so I was lucky to run when I did. It had been raining overnight and the ground was wet but it was really pleasant temperature-wise.
Distance: 8.8km
Time taken: 57mins
Average pace per km: 6:30 (no excuses, just tired I think)
Calories burned: 525
I need to burn heaps more calories to work off a lot of extra chocolate intake. I've been desperately trying to eat up all the chocolate so that I can be good again. If there's none around I can't eat it. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it, but I don't think it quite works, somehow!


  1. Ha! And I had NO chocolate. Is someone else advising you?

  2. Those triangle shaped kilts you're all wearing are trendy.

    If there's any left after this weekend, bring it to Parly House on Monday and the geese will help you to eliminate the problem.