Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Canberra Day!

What a stunning day it was for a holiday - just perfect. After a much anticipated "lie-in" and a leisurely breakfast Mr B and I decided to go for a short bike ride. Hmmm, now my idea of short and Mr B's idea of short are obviously slightly different! We headed off towards the city via the cycle track past the AIS then on to Lake Burley Griffin where we enjoyed an icecream before cycling all the way round the lake via Kings Avenue and West Basin then back home again via Lyneham making a grand total of 40km! Yes, it was a leisurely pace (according to Mr B) but I did cycle at 35kph for some of the way and I was completely exhausted when I arrived home as my last bike ride was about 17km so it's a big leap for me! Anyway, after a couple of hot cross buns and lots of cold water we showered and changed for Geoff's running group at Parliament House.
speedygeoff's running at PH - 5.30pm
Distance: 9.2km
After the warm up lap of PH we headed for the grassy bank, ran a loop of that then did quite a different session from usual. We all lined up on one side of the grass and ran to a pole on the opposite side (about 60m) as fast as possible. We did 12 repeats of this, jogging back to our starting pole between each sprint. It was quite fun and because the sprints were short it was manageable even in our tired state! There were only a few at our training session tonight, possibly because of the public holiday or more likely as lots of the group had run in some or several events over the weekend and were recovering.
We ran a long warm-down similar to last week's run which increased our total distance. It was a good session in spite of the heat which today reached 31deg. Summer has come late to Canberra this year!


  1. I would have loved to have been there, but I can barely walk, let along sprint! 60m is my distance too :)

  2. My typing is almost as bad as Katy's. I meant "let alone"!

  3. Late congratulations on your 6th place. The bike ride looks like a funny workout with beautiful landscapes to see.