Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Putting things in Perspective

Yesterday morning I went to see Jimmy at the Clinic and he seems pleased with me. I now have two different strengthening exercises, one involving a tennis ball. I don't need to work out what spot to roll on it as there's a nice little bruise where Jimmy used his elbow which is the exact spot - ouch!
After work today I decided to go for my middle distance run without the company of Ewen who is still recovering from his mammoth effort at SFT. So I plugged in my faithful ipod and set off from work alone running to the lake heading East past Molonglo Reach and over the bridge before returning the same way. Sometimes running alone gives one time to reflect on the important things in life. I've had a tough week at work and for the past couple of days I have had a bad headache and have been feeling a bit below par. However, as I ran by the lake on a very hot Canberra afternoon I saw so many friendly people out there - runners, cyclists, walkers, orienteers all responding to my "hi" with a smile and a very elderly lady being pushed along in her wheelchair who smiled brightly as I ran past. There were people fishing, kayaking, dragonboat racing and even kite flying. It was a stunning evening to be out there amongst it and I felt really lucky to be running on such a day.
Distance: 15km
Time taken: 1hr 33mins
Average pace per km: 6:12
The temp reached 33deg today and it still felt very hot when I started my run but there are some shady parts and that certainly helped! Interestingly enough by the time I finished running my headache had gone!


  1. I have solved some of the world's problems out running alone on a nice day. Great just to be able to do it. Enjoy!!

  2. Sorry I missed it. I would have been pressed to 'run' 8 minute kilometres, even if my quads had given permission.

    You forgot to tell us your iPod playlist and the all-important first and last tunes ;)

  3. i never understand why people don't smile when you say "hi" or smile when you pass. i'm glad you got a good reception. it does make it more fun.