Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Review

Wow, quite a weekend really. After Friday's spin class I had a call from speedygeoff which set my thoughtwaves in action and that evening I checked the Cross Country calendar, contacted a couple of friends and decided at about 9pm to run the 10miler early next morning.
Saturday - Cross Country Run - 7am
Distance: 10miles (or 16.22km according to Garmin)
Location: Black Mountain Peninsula round Lake BG
Time taken: 1:32:33
Average pace per km: 5:42
Place: 68th (out of 108)
Calories burned: 965
It was a cold morning that early (what an uncivilized hour for a race) but actually the conditions were absolutely ideal - not a breath of wind and the sky remained overcast until towards the end. It was lovely - undulating (those hills can be tough for that distance) but for a last minute decision I enjoyed the run and was pleasantly surprised with my time. Later a few of us enjoyed a coffee and chat (as we do) at Tilleys - a good morning. Oh and we remembered to turn everything off at 8pm for earth hour and enjoyed the sounds of silence!
Sunday - Vets' Handicap Race
Location: Kowen Forest
Terrain: Very hilly
Distance: 7.5km
Place: 76th (out of 100)
Handicap Group: 23
Time taken: 45minutes
Average pace per km: 6mins
This was a tough hilly uneven run but the weather was ideal. I probably found it more difficult as I arrived very close to the time it started and didn't allow enough time for a reasonable warm up. However, I was pleased to have run it and it was great to catch up with heaps of people who I only ever see at the handicap runs.
The afternoon was spent on grandparent duties followed by a family dinner and a big family working party packing up furniture and pulling up carpet as Mr B is painting walls and laying floorboards as his next project resulting in rooms full of boxes and books and furniture being stored while this project takes place. We have one very empty echoey (is that a word?) family room and several very cluttered rooms as a result! I'm sure it will be worth it when he finishes!
Monday - speedygeoff's training at Parliament House
Distance: 7.6km
Calories burned: 450
I arrived too late for the warm-up loop due to work commitments so this cut the distance very short. The main set was a number of 950m fast undulating loops alternating with slow loops. I struggled a bit tonight but every little bit helps. This was followed by the warm down loop of PH.


  1. Yes, that's a word. It's a good description of parts of the Six Foot Track :)

    You mean I sacrificed another coffee and chat at Tilleys for a sleep in? Bugger!

  2. Sounds like a great XC course, Strewth. I should get myself to Canberra & do one, having done a 7km XC in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, my first XC run, I'm ready for more.

    Very much lookoing forward to next weekend!