Wednesday, February 09, 2011

First Summer Series event with our new club!

YCRC Summer Series
Last night was the first event of the summer series this year run by our new YMCA Canberra Running Club. It was held at the Boathouse and the temperature was pleasantly mild. There wasn't a huge turnout with only 79 finishers in the 5km course. I ran a warm-up of 3km with Ewen and speedygeoff and after the race finished we ran a warm down of another couple of kms. Speedygeoff ran with me for the first 4km of the race which kept me honest. It was great. In the last km he took off and finished one minute ahead of me. However, I was happy with my time and my splits indicate that I got faster with each km. I wish that could happen in the marathon!
Distance of race: 5km
Time taken: 26:18
Average pace per km: 5:15
Finish place: 56th (out of 79)
Splits: 5:19; 5:23; 5:16; 5:08; 5:06
Oh, and the best thing was I came in ahead of Caroline and Ewen:)
Total distance for day: 10km
7am - Gym - 15mins abs class followed by an hour's upper body strength work.
5.10pm - I ran from Parliament House down to the lake for 2.5km before turning back to run to meet the others at the carpark. Andy, Emma P, Ewen and I then followed Chris on an interesting hilly but pretty run to Red Hill, past the Embassies, Yarralumla along dirt trails through the Westbourne Woods and back to Parliament House on an undulating route.
Total distance with my warm-up: 17.53km
Calories burned: 1005
I'm not sure how my recovery will be for the 10km track event tomorrow evening! I will treat it as another training run.

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  1. No wonder I couldn't catch you! I was hoping you'd use my usual tactic of slowing down with each kilometre.

    Ah, Red Hill is about 10k from where we ran last night... Stirling Ridge!