Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sprint Marathon Relay at Yarralumla

The conditions today were perfect for Jimmy's annual sprint marathon relay from the grounds of Government House. Each team had six runners who were theoretically seeded to try to ensure that each team was equal in ability. I was number 5 runner in my team and speedygeoff was number 3. The fastest team member runs as number 1 and passes the baton to number 2 etc. Our team members were Peter, Nick, Chris, Geoff, Nadine and me.
Each person runs approximately 7km. My first leg was 2km, then I had 3 x1km legs and finished with a 2km leg when all the team members need to finish together holding hands.
There was cloud cover but no rain and it was lots of fun. I struggled out of bed very early again not fully recovered from yesterday. My warm-up was a tad difficult and my legs felt sluggish and sore. However, once the relay started it was just a case of running my fastest and having fun. There's always a lot of waiting inbetween runs but that's a great opportunity to get to know the other team members and it's very social and pleasant.
Our team finished 5th out of 7 teams but we all ran our hearts out. It was certainly good training! My average pace ranged from 4:51 per km to 5:14 per km. My fastest leg was the second one.
Total distance for day including warm-up and warm-down: 9.5km
Our total team time for sprint marathon: 2:35:37
Total team time of winning team: 2:29:04
Total distance for week: 97.5km
Later Ewen, Andy, Nadine, Brett, Michelle, Kym, Cathy, Graeme and I enjoyed coffee and date scones at Yarralumla Nursery. Later still Mr B and I headed off to the Multicultural Festival in the city but I was a walking zombie by then!
I just threw a ball and made Teddy chase it heaps for his exercise today. It will need to be a long walk with him tomorrow after my early morning gym session! He's just happy to have company.

  • Our team just coming in to finish -where's Nadine?
  • Our team members after the finish -Nadine, strewth, Nick, Peter, Chris, Geoff
  • A few of us gathering at the start


  1. Your pace was very fast and it looks like a funny race.
    Late congrats to the golden medalist lady Strewth!!!!

  2. It wasn't funny for our team... we were dead last!